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Are you a fitness freak or geek?

Personally I love Fitbit. To those who know me, I am a bit of a tech freak and fitness geek. I originally bout the KiFit or as known in the USA FitBug. It was great but there was the initial outlay for the device followed by the monthly payup of around £12 per month. I then found Fitbit Ultra which was a great step to take - no more monthly fees and just around £70 to buy. It recorded my steps, flights of stairs climbed, distance and sleep patterns. Then, unfortunately, it pinged out my pocket (as I am an adventurous dude) and I lost it. Sadness filled my heart as my funds were low having just started back at University. I then bought a Fitbit Zip which was around £50. Good, but it didn't record floors climbed or sleep patterns. Nevertheless I was still able to track my measurements, food intake, distance, steps taken per day and various other things (many of these are on the via the free service on the web site once you log in).

I now see Fitbit have release a water proof wrist worn version of Fitbit One which is the ultimate one I want. Its called Fitbit Flex. Why not check out my Facebook page to see how I get on. Also, why don't you click one of the links on this page and go order your own Fitbit - it is awesome!!!

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