As you all should know the infamous 3 letter synonym J.K.D - as being Jeet Kune Do.

Here you will learn the J.K.D. Combat concepts based on those defined by the late, great Bruce Lee. Included under this banner is training in other eclectic disciplines such as Kali, Western Boxing, San Shou, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Tai Chi and Aikido.

This is taught only after students have demonstrated the understanding of the basics of Wing Chun.

Bruce Lee's primary art was Wing Chun. This gave him the muscle memory and tactile awareness to apply his body to any form of combat and in any situation. This is why we only train J.K.D. after suitable skill and knowledge has been gained in Wing Chun.

This class is forever evolving. It has no restrictions and no syllabus. This is where you learn your own style of combat by first emersing yourself in all forms, thus leading you to as Bruce Lee said A Fromless Form. Here you will drill various arts to the point your body will respond to an attack before your mind. You are not expected to remember all the techniques in this class. Just drill to the point that your body knows what to do. You respond like an echo to an attack.

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