Maxbells & 300 Spartan Kettlebell

Steve Maxwell

From "across the pond" we bring you Steve Maxwell's Kettlebell system - Maxbells and his own 300 Spartan series.

This system is not for the feint of heart, although it has been proven to be extremely beneficial to a wide and varied "participating" audience. From the armchair novice to the hardened UFC/MMA paticipant.

Steve Maxwell is one of the 2 main pioneering instructors authorised to teach the Russian Kettlebell Certificate(RKC) system in America. Infact, at one time in America only he and Pavel Tsatsouline owned, taught and used kettlebells. He has pioneered the next level by taking the Ultimate RKC system and further enhance and improve to create the his own Maxbells system and the 300 Spartan series. This is a holistic approach to strength, conditioning and cardio development.

Although it is ideal to those with a Martial Art or MMA background, it is so effective that no-one should allow themselves to ignore this opportunity. The Maxbells system will provide rapid Fat Loss with Strength Gains without the excessive bulking up of muscle. Kettlebells build a functional strength with a physque more of the Olympian and ancient Gladiator than the modern day Terminator. Soon you'll be saying 'Hasta La Vista' to unwanted fat and smiling at the Greek God/Godess in the mirror before you.

And remember, this is not just for the guys:- Read here how Jennifer Aniston and Geri Halliwell use Kettlebells to stay youthful, fit and trim.

So, no excuses....Come along and benefit from this method today!

Please ensure you have consulted with your doctor before taking up any form of training.

Please also note, this class is for training, and training hard. You go at your own pace, but as J.C. Santana would say "expect to push the curtain, not the wall. The wall stops you from progressing but the curtain keeps you moving forward." This is not an impossible class and you don't need to be fit before you attend, but give me your attention and your effort and you will be fit when you leave.

Click here and listen to an interview from the man himself.

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