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What is Systema?

Systema is not only a Fighting System or Martial Art, it is a way of life. When you practice Systema, you learn more about yourself and of your potential adversaries, but not just in the physical. You also learn about the spiritual and psychological too. Systema is quite a difficult art to put into words and is best through demonstration and taking part, much like Zen. Systema awakens you to your own natural body movements to become efficient and proficient in dealing with one or many opponents in a relaxed and non-threatening way.

Systema is proud to state it is considered being 'Non - Destructive.' This gives it appeal to the general public and the Police as a system suitable for self defence and control of opponents.

Our training can be based on partnered (1 to 1) or 1 to many and crowd training. We incorporate, night training, knife and weapons training (mainly for defence purposes), forest work, water training, etc. This list is not exhaustive, the more I learn and master from my superior in Systema the more I will teach.

Systema Camp 2012

A considerable amount of time is given to the training of the psyche, your own psyche and the psyche of your opponents. Everyone is familiar with the 2 F's - Fight and Flight, but there is another F which may happen under times of stress be it a confrontation or witnessing a disaster or worse being unfortunate enough to be a victim of a disaster This 'F' is Freeze. There have been many documented stories where students of Systema have used their training of their psyche to manage to get through difficult situations such as these.

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