Was using what I learned in Systema in the pool today!. Before we did our. Systema training I couldnt put my head under water with out panicing but today I managed 100 lengths in 100mins, proper turns and in good relaxed form. I was well chuffed!. Its amazing how a martial art can influence your everyday life!

(Karen Kelly, Arbroath)

I have known Stefan for two and a half years in his capacity as a Martial Arts teacher and coach. I am a student in his Wing Chun and Systema Class (1 hour of each on a Wednesday evening in Auchmithie, Arbroath) In common with others in the class I admire the depth of Stefan's knowledge and his ability to teach and motivate students of varying age and experience.

The classes can be demanding but always delivered within each person's current level and abilities.

Students are encouraged to pass on their own learning to those less-experienced in the class - which makes for a supportive and agreeable environment to learn.

The classes are very enjoyable, varied and professionally run. If you live nearby give them a try!

(Richard Walsh, Montrose)

Thanks for the club bells class on Wednesday. I was a bit apprehensive as my shoulder/tendon injury is still a bit niggly. Once the class started I could feel a bigger range of movement and freedom in my arm, with the bonus that it didn't freeze or stiffen up the next day! My tendon and shoulder has kept this relaxation almost a week later! Gives me hope that I will be 100% injury free

(Karen Kelly, Arbroath)

Over the years I've tried various forms of exercise in my quest to achieve my desired results in body conditioning and weight management - gyms, pilates, body pump, spin - you name it, I've tried it. Despite lots of effort I've always been disappointed with mediocre results and become bored and dissolusioned. A colleague recommended Wing Chun & Kettlebells training and I've never looked back! My initial reservations that, as a 43-year old female novice, I would feel out of place in a martial arts training environment were immediately put to rest at my first class with our trainer, Stefan Milne. 5 months on I'm delighted with the results in my general fitness, weight loss, overall toning (even the most stubborn areas) and I have loads more energy and sleep better. And that's in addition to learning a highly effective form of self defense, a process I am finding incredibly empowering! I actually look forward to classes and know that I have at long last found a highly effective training form that I will happily sustain in the long term. I have no hesitation in recommending Stefan's range of classes.....my only regret is that i didn't discover them sooner.

(Lesley Banks, Carnoustie)

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