This site provides information on classes provided by the founder of T.O.P.P.1 - Stefan Milne. He has always maintained an interest in the Martial Arts, Strength & Conditioning and Fitness from his beginnings back in 1984.

From 1984, Stefan has trained in a variety of martial art disciplines and strength conditioning pursuits. Spending 25 years honing traditional karate skills to then expand to develop skills in Aikido, Ju Jutsu, Tai Chi, Iai Do, Wing Chun and laterly Systema. He gained his Level 1 and Master Level 2 Kettlebell certificate from Steve Maxwell while visiting Maxercise in Philadelphia.

Following on from Bruce Lee’s concept of chipping away what is useless or inefficient, the martial art classes offered here have been optimised and now only comprise of Systema.

Additionally there is the opportunity for weapons practice and skill development. This can be for re-enactments and stunt training for tv, film and theatre. Weapons include traditional martial art weapons, historic arms and replica firearms.


Systema is a Russian Martial Art. Within Systema you will find not only a method of self defence but also  health benefits and how to control your own fear. You will learn how to relax in times of stress whether they be confrontational through adversity or via accident or incident. This martial art does not restrict confrontations to ‘mano e mano’ ( Spanish for ‘man to man’ or ‘hand to hand’) but provides the opportunity to train safely with many against one - where you are the one!!! There is also considerable training offered in defence against urban weapons, such as knife, stick, chain, etc. Systema is becoming popular among police, military and security forces around the globe.